Louisiana Moscow Mule at Sammy’s Grill

Cocktail #11 on our Countdown to 21 is the Louisiana Moscow Mule from Sammy’s Grill on Highland in Baton Rouge.

Alyssa Cooper making our Louisiana Moscow Mule

We recently visited Sammy’s Grill on Highland to check out their Louisiana Moscow Mule cocktail. When we arrived, we found their regular customers already inside enjoying a drink and conversing about the day’s topics of interest. It wasn’t long before the restaurant began getting busy, which to us indicates that this is a great spot to get food and drinks.

Alyssa Cooper was our bartender and took great care of us while we were there. We got to talking about Sammy’s Louisiana Moscow Mule and asked how the cocktail came about.

Louisiana Moscow Mule at Sammy’s Grill

“We wanted to make a mule [cocktail] that uses local ingredients. Then we added mint to ours to make it unique from other mule drinks,” Cooper told us.

Sammy’s Louisiana Moscow Mule is made with lime juice, JT Meleck Vodka, muddled mint, and ginger beer.

We then asked Cooper, who’s been a bartender for seven years, what her favorite drink to make for friends is, “Cosmo because I love to drink them myself. Also martinis because I love the art of shaking drinks.”

Be sure to check out our video of Cooper making a Louisiana Moscow Mule and head over to Sammy’s on Highland for great food and drinks!

About JT Meleck’s Countdown to 21

This December, we embarked on a journey that took us across the state to 21 Louisiana-owned restaurants and bars serving JT Meleck Vodka. At each location, we documented a signature cocktail from their menu to come up with a list of 21 cocktails to help us count down the days to 2021. Beginning Friday, December 11, 2020, we’ll be featuring a different restaurant and cocktail each day on the JT Meleck website and posting it on our Facebook and Instagram feed.