Summerthyme Screwdriver

A nice twist on the classic screwdriver!

Ingredients for a batch:

5 orange wheels, thickly sliced

2 lemons

11 oz JT Meleck vodka

5 1/2 oz Aperol

17 oz orange juice

Club soda, chilled, to top

Garnish: orange and/or thyme sprig


Lightly muddle the orange wheels at the bottom of a pitcher.

Squeeze the lemons into the pitcher, and discard the shells.

Add the vodka, Aperol and orange juice, and fill with large ice cubes.

Top with the club soda and gently stir to combine.

Garnish the pitcher with thyme sprigs and orange wheels.

Serve in a Collins glass, and garnish each glass with an orange wheel and/or thyme sprig