In-Cider Information

Here’s the 411…

a. ½ lemon

b. 1 tablespoon brown sugar

c. 2 ice cubes

d. 1.5 oz J.T. Meleck whiskey

e. 8 fluid ounces (235 ml) apple cider

f. 1 cinnamon stick

g. 1 apple cut in slices

h. Rim the glass

Juice half a lemon. Carefully pour the juice onto a plate or in a small container. Add the sugar to another plate or container.

Gently dip the rim of a clean glass in lemon juice. Make circular motions to coat the rim evenly.

Add the ice cubes to a glass.. Pour the J.T. Meleck whiskey into the glass. Fill it with apple cider. Give it a stir with a spoon or a cinnamon stick. Serve with apple slices if desired.